“Laney is terrific. I feel she takes the time to listen and is thorough in her assessments to what I need. If something is too sensitive for the needles, her delicate and soothing touch helps a lot. So happy I have found her and she is close to home, too.”
“After treatments in May and June 2015 the upper back pain was resolved. Digestion issues are being addressed through the use of the prescribed Chinese herbs in addition to the acupuncture treatments. Treatments for hip muscle strain from overuse during walking and hiking three miles a day are currently ongoing. After treatments for this hip muscle strain the pain is completely gone for at least a day or two…sweet relief.”
“Years of traditional medicine and herbal supplement did not relieve sleep problems, anxiety issues or lower back pain – Pivot to the rescue! Now I’m able to sleep through the night, have no back pain, and am more relaxed. Gluten intolerance is improving with Chinese herbs. Finally after 15 years of hormone replacement, I am free of meds and suffer less hot flashes. Pivot could not be a more healing, positive support system. Derek and Lainey listen to complaints and are extremely caring people.”
“After a motor vehicle accident that injured my neck and upper back I started getting acupuncture. Never would I have thought this would work, but it did. I am pain free. Thanks!”
“My back under my left shoulder blade would hurt/ache. A muscle was tight. Picking up small children and the way I sat at work would cause it. When it ached, I’d get chills and felt like I could rip things apart. The acupuncture and massage therapy and occasionally chiropractic treatment have made it a lot better. No more chills, and it is nowhere near as painful as before. The acupuncture treatment feels so good and relaxing!”
“I have been experiencing horrible pain for over 15 years due to several severe conditions. I’ve had two back surgeries (including two disc replacements), two neck surgeries, degenerative disc disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I always heard acupuncture could help but was slightly skeptical before coming. I am only on my third treatment (for my neck currently) but I already feel a reduction in my pain levels! I cannot be happier!”

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