We pride ourselves in the unique ability to provide our patients with the variety of tools that physical therapy and traditional Chinese Medicine have to offer. In a true east-meets-west approach, we are confident that we can provide each patient with a plan that fits their individual needs and goals.

Adjunctive Techniques

Moxibustion uses a processed form of the herb Mugwort to create a gentle yet effective warmth to stimulate acupuncture points and channels. This technique is particularly effective for relaxing spasm, and warming achy, arthritic joints that are sensitive to cold and dampness.

Chinese Herbal Medicine uses traditional combinations of herbs to create an individualized internal medicine for your specific condition. Chinese herbs, which are safe and very effective, treat a wide range of conditions  without side effects.

Tui Na is a comprehensive system of body work that emphasizes soft tissue work and joint mobilization.

Eastern Dietary Therapy uses the traditional medicine diagnoses and treatment paradigm to create individualized do’s and don’t of food selection and preparation.

The prices below reflect our cash rates. Please see our list of accepted insurances. Unsure if your insurance plan covers our services? We’ll be happy to find out for you!



  • Initial Consultation and Treatment $80
  • Follow Up Treatment $60
  • Mini Treatment $35

Physical Therapy

  • Initial Consultation and Treatment $80
  • Follow Up Treatment $60

Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • Initial Consultation $60
  • Follow Up Consultations $40

*We often prescribe herbal medicine to our acupuncture patients as part of their treatment once we are familiar with their condition. These prices are for folks who are not interested in acupuncture and only want herbal treatment.