At Pivot Acupuncture & Physical Therapy our goal is to help you establish a symptom-free, healthy lifestyle. When it comes to physical therapy, this means that we work with patients closely to restore functional independence after injury, surgery, or chronic orthopedic or neurological conditions.

We use a combined approach of hands-on therapies and active exercise with other useful modalities to help reach individualized goals. Like many physical therapists, we empower patients with a home exercise plan that expedites and enhances the treatment process while helping to prevent future occurrence and maintain functional independence. We provide individual attention with a licensed physical therapist not just at your first evaluation, but at every follow up treatment.

Our practice is uniquely equipped to combine physical therapy with acupuncture and other Chinese Medicine tools. We are the only physical therapy practice in the Greater Rochester Area to offer dry needling. Dry needling is the most effective and efficient modality at releasing myofascial adhesions or “trigger points,” allowing a more relaxing experience for our patients.